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Man serving life term says county won't let him marry

By Ben Finley, July 13, Philadelphia Inquirer

For most of the 40-plus years Kevin Davis has known Norma Scott, he's been locked up, serving a life sentence for a murder he committed in the 1970s in Philadelphia.

Decades in prison have been no obstacle for their love: The couple got engaged in 2013.

The only things that now stand in the way of their getting married are a state prison warden and the register of wills in Fayette County, where Davis is incarcerated, according to two lawsuits filed Monday in federal court.

Davis, 57, claims that Brian Coleman, the superintendent of the State Correctional Institution at Fayette, south of Pittsburgh, bars prisoners from marrying, telling them instead to transfer to another prison that allows it, a process that often takes years if it happens at all.

Coleman did not respond to a call from The Inquirer seeking comment.

Davis also alleges that Donald Redman, the Fayette County register of wills, has refused to accommodate his request for a wedding license by strictly following the common rule of requiring both people to be physically present when applying for a license.

Davis claims that Redman could use video conferencing or other means to allow him to apply for the license. State prison policy states that inmates may use videoconferencing for marriage license applications.


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